Signs Your Twin Flame Really Does Love You

I remember spending hours and days wondering if my twin really loved me.

I was worried I was fooling myself. That I was just an idiot. I was always so logical about Love until my twin rocked my world.

I needed proof. I hunted day and night.

Anytime I would see him interact with another girl or like another girl’s post. I would know he didn’t love me.

When he wouldn’t return my text or would cancel plans last minute. I knew he didn’t love me.

When he would hurt me, disrespect me, ignore me. I knew it wasn’t love.

But when he would touch me, look at me, and kiss me. I knew it was.

I knew at my soul level I loved him. But did he love me?

Signs Your Twin Loves You:

  • They keep in contact. They never let you go too far without being in contact somehow.

  • You feel it in their touch.

  • They say “I love you”

  • They don’t respond.

  • They don’t tell you they love you.

  • They hurt you.

I tortured myself. I eventually stopped telling my friends because I was so back and forth. Shamefully I would put myself back in the position of trying to be with him even if that meant forgetting or glossing over huge red flags. It was love.

Then one day I decided I was done torturing myself, and I thought, “you know what, I don’t care if I look foolish. He loves me. End of story.”

And that was that. I felt ease and peace.

With twin flames it’s more like you are dealing with a toddler, and you are the mom. The toddler is going to probably hit you, cry, ignore you, run away, hate you, not hug you when you want. But you know, they love you, they need you, you are connected. Same with your twin.

So relax a bit. Don’t take their pain, actions, and silence personally.

Be love. Be bigger than this worldly, human crap. Be unconditional love, all knowing love.

Don’t make their world and their decisions more important than your own.

Stop asking why they don’t want to be with you. And start asking why is it exactly I want to be in an adult relationship with them? Make a list. Put it on paper. Match it up to your dream guy/ girl.

List the ways you love them. And not just “I always text them right back. I never run away.” Can you list things like “I’m always honest with my feelings. I always share my authentic self. I don’t hold back half truths or lie. I don’t put on a front. I take care of myself. I regulate my moods. I keep my life full and interesting. I get vulnerable with them. I am warm and open.”

When you love someone, you don’t do all things just for them. That is an outdated way to love. That is an exchange system.

When you truly love someone, sometimes you have to say no or walk away. You have to set up boundaries. You have to disappoint them.

Think of the toddler. If you love your small child you get them to eat real food, then a dessert. You make them go to bed when they don’t want to. Because you need a break and they need their rest.

When you love someone you also have to listen to them. Often with twin flames we don’t listen. We want to hear what we want to hear.

They don’t want to be in a relationship with us. (ask first! Don’t assume). They say no. But we still hang on. We think they are just a runner, they are in denial etc.

No they aren’t interested. It’s not their life path they want to take right now.

Don’t take it personally, but do listen and do respect them. Love them.

Can they trust you that you will do what is best for you? Or can they only trust you will do anything to keep them around?

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