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Get peace, insight and understanding around your unique twin flame relationship. 

Hi I'm Jessica,

I want to save you all the time I lost trying to navigate the twin flame waters completely alone.

There are so many sites out there based heavily in airy fairy advice for twin flames, but the reality is many of us are normal people who live in the real world. We want families, marriage, and physical earthly relationships. We want to feel good and have partnerships that feel good.

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How I can Help:

You don’t know if you should break up.

You are confused on what his words or actions mean.

You are going through a break up/separation. 

You don't know if they are your twin flame.

Your twin flame is married.

It feels like cutting off your arm to end things with them, but you are ready to let go.

What you get.

You get personal, quick, and confidential advice, support, and exercises from me delivered to your email. (About 7 to 8 single spaced pages). Or a one hour Skype/phone session. 

Money back guaranteed if you aren’t happy.

How to sign up: 

1. Under the blue picture below, select which type of coaching you would like email or Skype. Then select "Add to Cart." 

2. Fill out the questions in the intake form about your situation. 

3. Pay. $20 for email. $40 for Skype. 

4. Wait for your email to arrive (48 hours) or I will contact you to schedule a Skype session.

What clients are saying...

You have no idea how much you helped me.
— B, USA
Wow this is all so amazing and powerful just to read. Thank you so much for this. I feel like I need to read it 10 times so I can fully absorb it.
Thank you so much for your words and thoughts and I can feel your strength in them. You are a beautiful soul I can feel that and thank you for sharing your love and guidance with those of us that need it
— K, California, USA
Thank you so much !!!!! I cant thank you enough, I will re-read this over and over, thank you again !!
— A., Australia
Wow... thank you so much... I burst into tears at one point. You are spot on about so much.
There are some really good ideas and thoughts in here and I am so glad I reached out to you. I haven’t been able to share my experience with anyone, because I am too afraid and now... this is just what I needed right now.
Thank you so much... you’ve basically just blown everything wide open for me and have helped me to realize that I am growing and I will never stop.
— - M., Canada
Your response literally brought tears to my eyes ! I keep rereading it multiple times a day.
— -A., USA
Thank you. Thank you for such a beautiful, heartfelt email. Everything you are saying is resonating deeply on so many levels.
— E., UK
Twin Flame Coaching
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**I am not a licensed therapist, psychologist, or a psychic. I see my coaching as a supplement to therapy/counseling with a licensed practitioner. 

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