Twin Flame Quiz

twin flame quiz


Are they your twin flame? 

What are the signs of twin flame? 

What's the difference between a twin flame and a soul mate? 

Take our quiz and find out. 


Twin Flame Quiz

Take a sheet of paper and number 1 – 25

For each statement write if it is T – True, F – False, S – Sometimes or Not applicable  


1.       They have been consistent and reliable since day one. You were rarely if ever left guessing about where things were going.

2.       When you met it felt like coming home.

3.       There’s an intense feeling of sexual chemistry even before you ever physically touch.

4.       You haven’t felt this level of connection and attraction before in your life.

5.       You keep running into each other or have unexplained coincidences like thinking about them and getting a text.

6.       You know what they are feeling or thinking almost before they do.

7.       When you don’t hear from them it sends you into a tail spin.

8.       The thought of losing them feeling like losing a piece of you or even like death.

9.       After meeting them your whole world is changed.

10.   You have never felt so much – extreme highs (joy, ecstasy) and extreme lows (depression, betrayal, jealousy).

11.   When you met them your heart opened so much that you fully felt unconditional love in a way you have never experienced before.

12.   When you get in a fight or a rough patch, they work with you to understand the root of the issue and help you open up.

13.   You love each other, but things are very difficult. One of you isn’t ready for a relationship or maybe isn’t even capable of a healthy relationship.

14.   You can’t see how the relationship will work out, but you can’t imagine being with anyone else.

15.   Life is easy with them. Everything fell into place.

16.   You both have done a lot of personal growth work before you met and now together you can finally enjoy a happy relationship.

17.   Your friends are tired of hearing about this person. They don’t understand how you can still have feelings for them.

18.   If they pull away, you feel fear and feel compelled to get closer to them.

19.   You feel a soul level connection with this person.

20.   You are left guessing if the feelings might be one sided, and you might be crazy.

21.   You see signs of them everywhere – their name, people who look like them, numbers that are special to you, etc.

22.   Your life goals and core values line up (You both want children. You both want monogamy, etc).

23.   Communication with them is easy. They can freely express their love for you and their own needs.

24.   There were many promises in the beginning that were later broken or changed.

25.   They may go away but you know they will be back in touch.


Total the amount of T – True.

If more than 19 of your answers are T – True, then you have a twin flame connection.

Not all twin flames will come together in this life time. Twins are meant to collide and expand. To come together than pull apart so each can grow (or not grow as some twins don’t change or change very slowly). Many twins come into our lives to help us learn to say goodbye or set boundaries. The whole point of us meeting is so we can let go.