The REAL Stages of a Twin Flame Relationship

Stages of a twin flame relationship vary by source by let me tell you, people often leave out the most important final step... expansion. 

I am one of the few twin flame experts that will tell you twins aren't meant to stay together. Well most of them anyway. I would say up to 90% of them won't end up in happy, healthy marriages. 

Almost all the emails I get and comments I see are people struggling to even get their twin flame to commit to them, leave their marriage, or even get them to respond to a text. It's super painful and no one is talking about this. They all want to talk about improving yourself so your twin will want to reunite. Bleh. It's so powerless. 

So here are the real twin flame stages. 

Stages of a Twin Flame relationship:

1. Intense meeting- coming together. Will feel instant connection, chemistry, and love.

2. Runner-Chaser - back and forth, push and pull, disappear and reappear, hide and seek. You know this stage well. 

3. Crisis – Separate so each person can work on their own individual problems. Time of great pain.

4. Surrender- Chaser realizes their controlling and chasing ways don’t help the situation. Likely becomes enlightened on the situation (frantically googling til coming across twin flame concept). Runner is allowed to run and then becomes enlightened that they want to be with other person.

5. Reunion – Both parties have learned all their lessons (on their own and while with the partner). They are whole and complete on their own. Not guaranteed to come back together in this life time. You may realize this person will never be able to be with you. They are addict, married, scared, unwilling to move, too busy, too something. They love you but can't be with you. Or maybe they can you run happily off into the sunset. In which case you would be looking on Pinterest for home decorating inspiration and not a blog about twin flames. 

6. Expansion - This is a phase I am adding to the twin flame literature. I believe most twin flames do NOT end up together. And that is great news! TF are there to help you expand. Not to live happily ever after. No great love story begins with .. oh he was married ... he didn't talk to me for 3 months.... she had a drinking problem.... In fact once I broke up with my twin flame my life launched into this amazing space I could never go with him. You'll find you do all this personal work just so you can have a reunion. Then realize you don't want to get back with this person. You have way surpassed them. 

So instead of trying to get your twin flame to text you back, think about how great this is. You can now find that feeling you get from them within yourself. You have the power. You have the magic. They weren't handing you that feeling of love. You were creating it within.  

And that is the point of a twin flame - it's not love, marriage, and baby carriage. It's growth expansion, explosions, realizations, and a boost into your next amazing phase in life. 

They lit a spark, and it's your job to run with it. And run without them if they can't hang with you :)