Bryon Katie and Twin Flame Separation and When Your Twin Gives Up

I ran across this amazing Byron Katie segment where this woman is feeling abandoned and left by her love. She feels he must take her back and that he is in denial. That was her one true love and she will never be loved like that again. 

It covers many themes in twin flame relationships. Like feeling the crushing weight of never feeling like you will find that love again, feeling like you can convince them to love you or that they love you, that they just need to stop being so stubborn and open up. 

But most importantly it shows us that the twin flame's greatest lesson for us is to force us to turn inwards. To be our own love. 

The end of the video is absolutely amazing how she works through her pain.

In this next video she works with a man who is sad his soul mate is leaving him.


(Just a warning though Byron Katie's work is not meant to give you an excuse to beat up on yourself or feel unlovable.)