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Twin Flame Hypnosis 

Thank you guys for another wonderful year. It’s such an honor to help all of you with your twin flame situations. Views keep going up, so know that you aren't alone in your struggle with your twin.

I strive to offer information and services I wish I had when I was going through hell trying to understand why I had so much love for my twin, yet things were complete chaos.

I have a new offering for you guys. Hypnosis! Yes. Not the cluck like a chicken stage-hypnosis kind, but a beautiful spiritual journey.

Connecting to Your Twin Flame with Hypnosis

I can help relax you into a state of consciousness where you are able to connect directly with your higher self/intuition and infinite intelligence. Here in this state without ego, distractions, or the monkey mind, we can find out what is going on with your twin situation. You can be your own twin flame psychic and adviser! Your intuition and guides want to give you help and guidance but often we are blocked.

  • Ask questions directly to your higher self

  • Reunite with your twin on the soul plane

  • Ask questions to your twins higher self

  • Heal trauma and pain from your relationship

  • Send healing and forgiveness to your twin

  • Confirm a soul connection and contracts/agreements

  • Discover others in your soul group

  • See past lives where you were together

Past Lives and Twin Flames

If you have received email coaching with me, you know that I always advocate using past life regression or some kind of hypnosis to help you see and understand your past lives with your twin.

I used Brian Weiss CDs to help me. It took months of faithful practice, but I finally got to the point where I could see how we have had many lifetimes together. It was very validating as many times

I thought I was insane to think I had a deep soul connect with someone would couldn’t commit to me. I also got to the point in my self-hypnosis practice that I could see his higher self and mine. We had a

Discussion and he told me we were not to be together this life time. It was a painful but a relief. I could finally stop giving so much energy to this relationship.

Fast forward five years and I discovered quantum healing through hypnosis. I loved it so much I trained in introspective hypnosis.

I began to notice I was getting a lot of clients with soul based love connectionss that were desperate for answers and healing.


One woman was separated from her twin because he left her for an ex. We were able to confirm they will be together again but both had specific work to be done.

We were able to find forgiveness for the other woman, sending healing energy to her twin as his self-esteem was low, and did a lot of work on her to help her heal enough to reunite with her twin.

Another client was married to her twin / soul mate and he cheated. Devastated she couldn’t move on to mend the relationship. We discovered they planned this affair to help her learn forgiveness and that their relationship will be stronger than ever.

One woman came in hoping to work on her career issues, but we ended up healing a twin /soul mate relationship. It was a quick yet intense relationship that she couldn’t shake. We saw a past life with them together on a farm. We had them meet on the soul plane and just be joined together again for a moment. We were able to have a dialogue with his higher self. He admitted he was too blocked emotionally in this life time for them to be together. He apologized for all the pain that was caused. A lot of forgiveness happened in this session.

We released anger that was energetically stuck in the throat and chest from twin flame drama years ago.

And more..

Testimonies can be found here

What happens during a session?

We will have a discussion and address any questions.

We will get you deeply relaxed.

We will visit memories (this life or past life) that your higher self wants us to revisit and heal.

We will scan your energetic body for stuck energy.

Finally, we will access your subconscious and speak directly with your higher self or a spirit guide.

Sessions are about 2.5 hours. I offer online sessions or in person session in the Kansas City, MO area.

This stuff is powerful.

I have to warn you though to come into your session with no expectations (right after I gave you a ton!).

Your higher self is in charge of the session. Not us!

You will get exactly what you need. Not what you expect.

Every session is different. Whatever happens you will have a healing journey.

The higher self will not answer every question. Often it is not in our best interest to know time lines and specific details. We came to explore and uncertainty is a part of life (although, I know this is the most frustrating part of a twin relationship).

You may not have a past life. You may need to do more healing around your relationship with your father, not your twin.

Any Questions About Hypnosis?


 Please contact me with any questions. You can also read FAQs (below).


Sessions are $140. 

Let’s heal these wounds and get you on get you back to your soul path – with or without your twin.


What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a tool used to help alter your state of consciousness so you can connect with your subconscious where your deepest programming lives.

For example if you had an experience of opening your heart and then being rejected, it gets stored into your subconscious (open heart = pain). Your conscious mind can't hold all of that while it goes about daily tasks. However, that belief that love equals pain is still driving a lot of your decisions and reactions on dates and in disagreements with a partner. With hypnosis we can get to the subconscious mind to work with that memory (essentially an archived video tape) and reframe it.

Hypnosis can also help connect us to our spirit. When the conscious mind is quiet we can, we can hear our higher self and guides. We can also travel in space and time to past lives.

Hypnosis is not falling asleep and it doesn't take away your personal control. You can come out at any time and if you do not wish to experience something during hypnosis you don't have to.

Introspective hypnosis can be adjusted to fit any spiritual or religious beliefs that you have.

Can I be hypnotized ?

Everyone is in a hypnotic state before they wake up and as they go to sleep. You probably have experienced hypnosis if you have driven home and not remembered the drive.

The vast majority of people can be hypnotized.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis. I can't not trick you or force you into being hypnotized.

If you don't already have a meditation practice, you could start sitting in stillness for 20 minutes a night or two before the session just to get your brain warmed up. You can set the intention to relax and be hypnotized before the session. Please take some time to get centered before your session. Dark room, journaling, bath, breathing exercises, etc.

I also have many techniques to help guide you into the hypnotic state. It's okay to be nervous!

What can I expect?

It's impossible to know how your session will go. Come with an open heart and mind.

Each session is unique but everyone will get what they need.

You will be protected by white light and lead by your guides as we visit past lives, reframe old memories, and scan the body for any energies that our causing issues in this life.

We will take time to discuss what healing or insights you would like from your session. If you don't have anything specific that is okay too.

There is also time to go over any questions, fears or concerns about the process.

I will guide you through some relaxation exercises and finally we will go on a healing journey through your subconscious. You will likely feel alert and awake. You will know you are laying down in a room. But you will be very focused on the images and feelings you are experiencing.

I will gently bring you out of hypnosis, and we will debrief.

Please allow time (about an hour or more if you can) after your session for you to relax and ease back into your routine. Don't have anything scheduled right afterwards.

I am available before and after the session if you need any assistance. I am always curious about how the session has changed your life and what additional insights you will gain after reviewing your session.

It's very important for you to listen to your session again and again. You will discover something new each time, and the healing you received will continue. It also helps break the patterns we so easily fall into after a healing session.

What is your higher self?

The higher self is the spirit part of of you. You are part human, part spirit. This is your intuitive voice or your wise self that is all knowing and loving. Your gut instinct, when you get a hunch, a feeling, sixth sense, etc.

We will bring in this part of you during the session. Most of the time, not always, we can speak directly with this part of you.