When You Might Run Into Your Twin Flame

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Whether you are the runner or the chaser, anytime you might have a run in with your twin flame you are likely to be super nervous, stressed, excited, or even scared. 

I got a question in my inbox from a woman who was going to a wedding and was afraid she might run into their twin flame there. She was stressed to the max. Would he have a girlfriend? Would he talk to her? Is he really her twin flame? 

This was my advice to her. 

First of all I'm so sorry you are going through all this stress. I know it's so crazy to be in a twin flame situation. 

My advice is to trust yourself and know that he is your twin flame. 

This doesn't mean you will be together forever or that you won't be together. It might mean you have one night together or you are on and off for years. So you have to be okay with knowing that things will work out just fine for you. And your life partner will come and he will be everything you want, even if he isn't your twin flame.

For me twin flames aren't the be all or end all. They are here to teach you lessons, to show you where you need work and to even break your heart so it can open you up. 

So relax!

Hopefully you can go into that wedding grounded in the knowing he is your twin flame and that everything is okay and will be okay. You can't say anything wrong, wear anything wrong, do anything wrong. 

This attitude and energy is great for your sanity and also just amazing energy to give off. If you come in fearful, needy, and dependent on what he is doing or not doing, then you will give off that energy. Boys can always smell this and he will likely run away or act weird. 

Get centered in your power and your knowing that everything is okay. He cares deeply. He knows and feels the attraction also. But he might not acknowledge it or act rationally. But you have to stay steady in the knowing, no matter how he acts or who he is with. 

You got this! Stay steady. Stay in your power and knowing. Find some peace and then go to the wedding. 

If you have a question about twin flames or need some support and advice. Email me