Difference Between Twin Flames and Soul Mates

I am a bit different than most twin flame bloggers. I don’t believe twin flames end up together in happy, healthy relationships. Not matter how long you wait or work on yourself (and that is a good thing!)

Of course knowing who your is your twin and who isn’t is completely subjective. You get to decide. Regardless of what that person thinks. Regardless of what countless twin flame psychics or blog check list have told you. … even my own twin flame quiz can’t tell you for sure.

This really upsets people. They want someone to tell them for sure who this person is to them. I remember feeling the same way of needing answers. And I can tell you half the emails I get are asking me if this person is their twin or not. I also tell them it is up to them.

You don’t need to worry about labels. You can decide on your death bed who is your twin flame or who is your soul mate or false twin. Who cares.

What matters is … You are insanely in love with this person and they are driving you nuts. You have an intense connection, but it’s not smooth sailing. You miss them so much, and you have never felt better when they are around. It feels like death when you think about them not being in your life, yet having them in your life is very complicated.

This is likely a twin flame.

a flame

a hot, burning flame

a painful and beautiful mirror

a reminder of your intense connection to the source energy within


A soulmate is a deep connection. A member of your soul family. A friend, a stranger on the subway, a daughter, an uncle, a lover, your spouse. You meet them and you click. You know. It’s like two old friends meeting. You might feel a physical vibration in your body when you meeting. Mostly it is just a clear knowing this person is special and they are supposed to be in your life right now. You feel amazing around them. You adore them instantly. They don’t have to earn your love. You just love them. You see them as source sees them. Pure. Good. Your mood is almost always lifted after being with them.

a soul mate

a mate

a meeting of two souls

a sweet hello

a reminder of the magic and joy that you are



labels don't matter

What matters is you need answers. You need to make sense of your life. You need clarity and comfort. You deserve all of that. You deserve to be happy.