Abraham Hicks, Law of Attraction and Twin Flames


Abraham Hicks has some wonderful advice on how to understand the twin flame runner, while understanding how the twin flame chaser feels. 

This video covers the following: 

She feels her twin flame/soul mate reneged on their soul contract. 

What do you do when you are so angry at your twin flame runner? 

What does it mean when a twin flame runs? 

How to find closure when your twin flame doesn't want to do the work. 

What happens when his higher self wants to be together but he can't in the physical world. 

She is so sure they are meant to be together to create amazing things in the world, but it just isn't working out. 

How to soothe yourself when your twin flame doesn't want to be with you.

Missing your twin flame. 

Loneliness when your twin flame is gone