How to Attract in Your Twin Flame

Often people want to know how to meet their twin flame. They want to feel a real love. Earth shattering. Electric. Powerful. Being connected to the universe. Mind blowing sex and intimacy. And for once feeling completely connected and never alone. You want your other half. Your partner.

You’ve had enough of heartbreak and let down and ready to get on with your life and love.

So how do you attract your twin flame?

You might read that you should become the best version of yourself. Do your shadow work. Say all these affirmations. Meditate. Practice gratitude. Be living in your highest truth. Love yourself (what does that even mean?) …

Well I can tell you that most people who have met their twins were not in that space. They weren’t praying every night to find them. They were probably complaining about how unlucky they are in love. They probably don’t like their job. Many don’t have many real life friends and their main source of community was online. A lot are already married and unhappy or just content in their marriages. Some might have depression or addiction issues. Many have childhood traumas they are still letting dictate their adult lives.

As I see it twins are here for you to collide with, so you can expand. Therefore, most of us will not be living in our highest self when we get hit by the twin flame bus.

This is a good thing!

Twins are here to take us from the bottom to the top.

They light that spark we have never felt before. They bring us back to life.

Then they go away.

We are left with nothing, which is the perfect place to start.

We want to pin our happiness and destiny on them but twins rarely stick around. We then have to dig deep and create our life for ourselves.

So if you want to attract your twin flame, keep living as you are. Make sure to be imperfect, lost, needy, and unworthy. Your twin will come in and for a time will make you feel like you are in heaven.

The chemistry and perfect connection you feel is letting you know you have corresponding wounds and are sent to come together. You won’t be able to look away.

Then they leave you. Retraumatize you but hopefully you take this time to grow and find your own fire you had burning in you all along.

It’s not an easy ride, but I highly recommend it.

My twin coming and leaving was the best thing that ever happened to me. It put on my spiritual path and forced me to follow my bliss in a way I had never before.