Signs You Should Break Up with a Twin Flame

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When should you cut ties with a twin flame?

If they…

  • are married or in a relationship- no matter how bad or close they are to breaking it off. You both should be single.
  • they tell you they don't want to be in a relationship 
  • Addicted to anything – alcohol, drugs, porn, gambling, shopping, etc
  • won’t move to be with you
  • won’t commit to you (too busy with work, school, life)
  • too old or too young for you
  • have an unmanaged mental illness
  • are verbally or mentally abusive to you or anyone else
  • aren’t sure they can handle a relationship with you
  • depend on you for money or happiness
  • don’t have a job or can’t support themselves as a normal, responsible adult
  • can’t make you a priority
  • are in prison or anyway physically unavailable
  • are emotionally unavailable in anyway
  • make excuses why they can’t meet in person

If You... 

  • feel worse after being around them
  • know you self-esteem is hurting after being around them
  • can't think about anything else and ignore your life, friends, passions, and family
  • want kids and they don't
  • need more time, love, commitment and they can't give it to you or promise it in the future
  • don't feel like a valued, loved, respected, cherished person in the relationship
  • cry more than laugh
  • find your relationship is all about painful conversations, convincing, and pleading
  • it's affecting your career
  • are only staying because you want to help them or they need you
  • are their therapist, counselor, or life coach
  • communicated clearly what you need and they can't or won't give it to you (or vice versa)

You should definitely cut ties if they have any combo of the above or if you have given them two tries and they have let you down each time. (Some progress is still letting you down.) If it ain’t a hell yes I want to be with you baby, then it’s a hell no. 

Be honest with yourself. It can be really hard to break up with a twin flame and it make take you a few tries. Look from the outside in and evaluate. Be your own bestfriend.

Be gentle with yourself. It's hard to do this. This isn't an ordinary breakup. 

Be confident there is someone out there for you that can be everything you need. Sober. Committed. Financially stable. Love doesn't have to be hard. 

Know that you have many many more life times with them so if it doesn't work out now. You will see them again. 

Of course there are times when you need to push through something that is a trigger for you. But if you have communicated like an adult what you need and they can't give it to your or vice versa. Do them and yourself a favor and get out. 

Breaking up with a twin flame is particularly difficult. If you need help or support, I am here for you. You can email me anytime. 

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