When Your Twin Flame Doesn't Text You Back

There is nothing more frustrating in love than texting – when they respond, who should text first, what did that emoji mean, why did they stop putting in emojis?

It’s even more intense when it comes to your twin. It can literally feel like life or death.

Your whole day can be ruined if they don’t respond.

You check your phone over and over. Turn up the volume. Make sure you are actually getting a signal.

Your mind races with all the possibilities of what they can be doing. Aren’t they always on their phone when they are with you anyway.

Did they die?

You then head straight for the extremes. I hate them. I will never text them again. They don’t love me. This is over. I’m deleting them. 

Then the pain comes. You might not even feel it because you are stuck in hate and focusing on them.

It’s our old friend rejection.

The burn of feeling not wanted.

The sting of abandonment.

The defeat of being vulnerable and getting shot down. Worse than shot down. Ignored.

You’re left more confused than before. With no response how can you know how to feel.

Where do you two stand? Has he moved on? Is he with another woman?

At this point you are out of your logical mind and into your animal brain. Most importantly you are out of your heart. You out of your soul.

You are triggered. Big time.

Please tell me I’m not alone in this?? :)

Here are my best tips for when your twin flame doesn’t respond:

  1. Breathe, Move


    Breathe. You aren’t breathing deeply or fully I know.

    Move. Get off the couch, get out of the house. Turn on music and move around. Go run an errand.


    You need to start to get your anxiety down. Your nervous system is on fire.


  2. Have a tea party for your feelings

    This is when you get to be very very kind to yourself. To let yourself show up just as you. To let everything about you and your feelings be okay.


    Once you start breathing again and have moved around. You can now sit with your feelings. So often we run from them and that makes it worse. I feel worse when I’m trying not to feel like I’m a loser than just going ahead and feeling like a loser. Anger feels worse when you are trying to not feel angry. Just say hello to all your feelings.


    Lay down.

    Check in with all the sensations in your body.

    If something starts to bubble up. Let it. Even if you cried over this person a 100 times. Let yourself do it 101.

    Tune into that pain in your shoulder and figure out what it is. Anger? Sadness? Grief?

    Now it’s time for a tea party.

    Imagine your heart in your chest center. See yourself sitting at a table with a wonderful tea setting. There’s an empty chair across from you.

    Now let each feeling come and have tea with you. I imagine myself as “hurt.” How would you as hurt look. Sound. Listen in and let them tell you all about it.

    When you have heard enough from that feeling. Let the other one have a seat. Listen and love them.


    This is also so helpful because you become the observer of the scene. The observer is your soul.


  3. Journal

    Let it all out on paper. What did you feel? What do you need? What do you want? When has this happened before? What


  4. Tune into yourself

    Imagine you are a kid who just got discharged from the hospital with a serious disease. You are home now and need love. How would you treat you? What would you give you? Do want to watch a funny movie? Maybe you need a teddy bear? A sweet? A hug? A walk in the park? A ticket to Disney land? A nap? A party? A new toy? A new job? New friends?

    This is self love and self care.


  5. Remember some twin flame truths.

    This is your twin.

    They love you.

    They will always love you.

    Yes they do love you.

    No they can’t show it right now

You have to BE love and not depend on love from them.

How they treat is is no indication of how lovable you are.


You can live without them.

All is well.

Everything is going according to plan (no you don’t need to know the plan).

You are LOVE.

Your heart is unbreakable.

Love is always better than fear.

You will hear from them again. I promise. They never disappear for good.

View them as God/Source views them

I hope this helps next time you don’t hear from your twin flame.

Soothe yourself and tune into your needs. Feel those feelings. Be LOVE.


And check out this amazing video of a woman working through the pain of being left.