You Have a Choice in Loving Your Twin Flame

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Twin flames are the other half of your soul.

You’ve spent many lifetimes together.

You can’t give up on each other. It’s just a natural separation stage, hang in there!

Of course you have to love these people, right?

But how can you love someone who doesn’t want to be you? Who can’t commit? Who disrespects you over and over? Who can’t even reply to your text?

I used to believe you can’t help who you fall in love with. I really believed that when I met my twin flame.

I had no choice. I had to see this through. This was love.

But after awhile it didn’t really LOOK like love.

He wasn’t there for me consistently. I was hurt, lonely, and crying a lot.

How do I get rid of this guy and get my life and love for myself back? But I couldn’t help but love him since he is my twin flame? Maybe I need to work more on myself so he can heal too??

I felt powerless.

After lots of research, therapy, and using my mind to focus my attention, I decided I was worth more.

This man may very well be the other half of my soul but my soul really wants to be loved, to have a family, to have someone strong and mature enough to a real man and partner.

That’s when I realized that “you can’t help who you love” is BS.

After lots of reading, therapy, and soul searching. I realized a few things.


The higher your self-esteem, the more connected you are with your true self, and the more you are in line with your purpose in life, the better the men you will attract. If you don’t like the men who want to date you, work on yourself first. Two incomplete people always feel complete together, but their incompleteness is what kills the relationship.


Keep your soul happy first and foremost. Then you can magically “control” who shows up to love you.  


If you twin flame showed up in this lifetime willing to do the work and only “running” for a few days at most, than good for you.


The rest of us will have to love, learn, and “lose.” (You never really lose when you love a twin flame).


I can help who I love.


I chose to love me. And when I love me, I will find someone who can really truly love me. - In this lifetime, on the physical plane, not just their higher self, not love me on the inside but act completely different on the outside love, not someone who needs 3 years of intense therapy first love.


I’m talking about a true, tender, sweet, reliable, showing up to do the work, standing strong in their own self-love and confidence person.


Once I started focusing on me, what I want, where I wanted to live, great adventures I wanted to have, amazing friendships and communities I wanted to connect to. And a few other things. I begin to realize my twin flame was kind of a loser. Who wouldn’t think I’m super fantastic and worth committing to?


His not wanting or wanting to be with me no longer matters.


Keep your soul happy first and foremost. Then you can magically “control” who shows up to love you.  


I hope this helps you on your twin flame journey, where you are together, apart, hoping to reunite, or hoping to never see them again :)


As always if you need any help or support, please email me. 

I know the twin family journey can be a lonely and frustrating one.