Matt Kahn and Twin Flame Lessons, Purpose, Goals, 5D perspective

Matt Kahn gives a great talk about soul contracts, twin flames, false twin flames, and soulmates. 

"The ego wants to know what can I do so that we can be good for each other" - Matt

Does your ego want to be with your twin or is it your wiser self? Often it's the ego - needing love, needing connection. The wiser self knows you don't need your twin and if the relationship isn't healthy or working out, it's okay to step away. 

"If you’re afraid of losing your partner, on some level, you are afraid of your partner. If you are afraid of your partner, you are unable to respect the freedom of their will to exist in whatever way serves their highest evolution. When this occurs, it is common to withhold your deepest honesty from conversations, while manifesting versions of your partner that seem inauthentic or unable to respect all that you are.

While losing a partner may not be the most popular catalyst of growth, there is no need to occupy time in a relationship waiting for it to end. If you were brought together for your greatest good, any separation can only inspire more goodness to come. While this makes sense mentally, the emotional body cannot be met by spiritual insight alone, but accompanied by the heart-centered attention of loving what arises.

Whether it is embracing the one waiting to be rejected, hearing the one who fears impending betrayal, or honoring the one who is afraid to trust and love again, each precious feeling is only here to be heard, accepted, cherished, and embraced as never before. Whatever arises, love that. This is the heart of sacred partnership."

Matt Kahn