How to Cut Cords with Your Twin Flame Love and Get Off the Emotional Roller Coaster

Twin flame relationships are hard work. They change your entire world and break you down to absolutely nothing.

They rid you of logic and sanity.

You spend hours obsessing over them and your connection. It sucks the energy right out of you.

I used to be always so tuned into his energy, how he was feeling, what he was thinking. Picking up energy here and there. Swearing I would never go back and then I would. Blocking him from my life and unblocking him.

Hope, despair, ecstasy.

Pure insanity.

I could see it was unhealthy. I wanted peace.

how to cut cords…

You can cut cords with your twin. Someone can help you cut them. Or you can cut them yourself in a meditation or twin flame hypnosis session.

Yes you are deeply connected to his person. Share a soul or whatever everyone is saying. I don’t believe we humans can even understand the connection. The universe and our connection is to hard to comprehend down here. We are one. But I know some energies are closer than others. That is all I know.

I also know that the strongest connection is that of two independent healthy beings coming together.

why it’s good to cut them

Those tied together with energetic cords aren’t free to chose to stay or go.

Wouldn’t it feel great to have someone stay because they chose to? Not because you were in some energetic feeding loop that could kill either of you if the other tried to break away. That is spiritual codependency.

Our cords should be attached to the divine. That’s our energy source. That and dogs and nature :)

what the cords are telling you..

You likely have cords with your twin and to get rid of them you must understand why you two put them there.

They serve a purpose. They aren’t evil. They might be causing psychical pain though.

Once you find a cord (through meditation, hypnosis, etc), you have to ask it why it is there.

Often we are afraid to cut cords from twin flames. It means they might go away or that we aren’t actually twin flames. That isn’t true.

Your connection is there regardless if you are feeding off each other or not.

I had a cord in a soul connection because I was feeding him my good energy. He was broken and low. I was feeding him. As long as I was feeding him. He would stay.

When I went to pull out the cords, I couldn’t. He would leave. Then i was would be all alone. spiritually alone. Again. I needed him to stay even if he was draining me. Even if that meant he had to suffer in the darkness.

It took me several days and lots of journaling and waking up to my own issues that I was able to break the cord.

And he fell into darkness (my worst nightmare). But I finally trusted his spirit to guide him through.

He doesn’t need me. I need me. I need spirit.

He needs his journey. He needs his pain. He needs to be his own hero.

Once he gets through his pain, he will be able to teach others how to get through their pain.

If he relied on me the rest of his life, he would just have to tell everyone that you need to go to this girl for healing. No, he can do it on his own. It frees me on my journey.

I have to look at my need to be needed. Am I worthy and loveable if I’m not saving someone?

Am I loveable even if he walks away. I am not alone in spirit. I have guides, my higher self, deceased loved ones looking down on me. I have lots of spirit parties and events to go to now that I am free of only focusing on keeping him around. There is nature to tap into. All sorts of energies that fill me up.

You can never break the connection when you cut the cords. We are all one.

You can cut the drama, the depleted feelings, guilt, hate, grief, loneliness, the despair, the unwanted psychic contact, obsessiveness, etc.

A baby is cut from his mother in the umbilical cord. But grows to be a full human on their own. Because they broke away from their mother.

  1. Find the cords (meditation, hypnosis, healer)

  2. Understand the cord (how did it get there, how is it serving you)

  3. Release the cord and place it within or to source energy

  4. Watch the change in your mood and growth.

  5. Be okay for backlash, (temporary) negative reaction from the other person

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