Who am I?

"We stay consistent with who we think we are." - Tony Robins Quote

It's as easy, complicated, simple, and sad as that. What we think we are is who we become. 

If you think I'm not sporty, well you then you aren't. If you think "rich people are greedy" and you don't see yourself as greedy, you won't be rich. 

If you think I came from this background so I won't have all that they have. Then you will never get what they have. If you think I need to lose 10 pounds to date then you won't attract anyone til you loose that weight. 

thoughts -> feelings -> actions

So you can also use this in your favor. If you think good things happen to you, more good things will happen to you. If you think people in general are nice and loving, you'll live in a world of mostly nice and loving people. If you genuinely believe you are worthy and amazing, others will treat you like you are worthy and amazing. You will just naturally act like a person who believes they are worthy and amazing. 

What are your thoughts? limiting beliefs? excuses? reasons? justifications? 

who am i why is my life this why does my life suck