30 is the new 20.. or is it? Make your 20s count

Notes and personal thoughts from a TED talk on 20 somethings. I've been 30 for a week so I know a lot .. :)  

Explore work and make it count. Even if you have to wait tables to work on your creative projects during the day do it. But don't wait tables waiting to magically get hired for your creative skills. Then you are wasting time. Give up your cushy safe job and take a risk on something you love. Do what you love and what fulfills you and you won't go wrong. You will be investing in yourself. I babysat for a year plus because I found I loved it and it was fulfilling. Then I was able to turn it into a career. Take risks. Try new things. But don't get stuck. 

Invest in yourself - now is the time to get a career coach, therapist or a life coach. If you feel at all like you are lost, stuck, floating, or drifting. You need to stop and get some perspective. We spend so much on life style when we are in our 20s we forget to invest in ourselves. You'll never a waste a penny if you are investing in your true self. I would argue that it is better to put therapy on a credit card then a trip to vegas for your friends bachelorette party. 

Read books on work, happiness, psychology, and money. You'll be amazed at how what goes on in your head is affecting what is coming into your life. 

Intentionally pick your future family. Get intentional about your love life. Hooking up and hanging out with boys has its place. It is fun and exciting to explore the limits of your sexuality. But that can also be a trap because a million tinder dates probably won't be fulfilling. A dead end, comfy boring relationship will also not be fulfilling. A half ass fling with crazy intense chemistry can only be fulfilling on a few levels.  Meg Jay also talks about getting stuck in long-term relationships that are comfy and secure that just eventually lead to marriage. She also warns about cohabitation with someone just to test out the relationship or because it is convenient. You then lose the option of intentionally choosing a partner and a life.

Dig in and explore your issues with guys. Learn about what makes the opposite sex tick. Now is the time to look at your relationship patterns. Look back at your parents relationship and see what you have repeated that you didn't mean to. Get help and support on dealing with these issues. Therapist know how to cure these things. It isn't a mystery anymore why you attract the people that you do. 

Ultimately, you are looking for someone who makes you feel more like yourself. Who is supportive and inspiring. You are compatible and enjoy spending time together. Sex is good. 

Here is her TED talk. Enjoy. This is one of my favorite TED talks. 

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