Always Google Him/Her

Should you google your date? Yes Yes Yes

Google everyone and anyone. 

After meeting someone you might be interested in, always always try to find them online. I've found out guys who act very single were in relationships or even had families. 

It's a time saver. 


How to online stalk.. 

Try searching their name in Intelius 

Search their name (or part of their name) and "Austin, TX"

Lucky for us mug shots and bookings are easily searched online

search them on linkedin if you know their occupation. Make sure you aren't signed in because it will show them you looked at their profile. Try "Todd attorney, Austin, TX" in google also. 

Always look under "images"

Try finding them on facebook. 


Don't respond to their text if you find anything shady or if they misrepresent their relationship status. (Don't rule out anyone just because they have a girl in a few of their pictures.)

Remember if they do it with you, they will do it to you. Thanks Dr. Phil.