How much should you text before you meet up?

Online/app dating rules and etiquette change constantly. 

Often you exchange phone numbers before you meet to finalize logistics of where to meet and maybe some casual texting. 

But it can often get out of hand and become a huge time suck for you. It feels flattering to have someone you never met be interested in entertaining you and asking you about your day. This is only shallow and hallow attention. Best to keep the texting to logistics only and let the in person meet up be your main source of conversation. 

It's so easy to fall for the image and text version of this person. 

You also get your expectations up too high. We girls get very loyal to people we never met because we exchanged some information over text. You don't owe them anything and they don't owe you anything. It's a false sense of closeness. 

Keep the messaging and the texting to a minimum before you meet. 

Be confident you don't need to woo them with flirty, fun, witty, text before you meet. Be confident they won't meet someone "better" than you before you get a chance to meet them in person. 

I love this article about the trap of texting relationships.