Will I ever get married?


Whom will I marry?

When will I get married?

Will I ever get married?

How much longer until I get married?

When will anyone ever love me?

I don’t know. You don’t know either. Well you might, but you don’t know for sure if it will last. They might bore you, or leave you for a younger woman. They might die or get in a horrible car accident.

But what if you can find a sure thing. Someone who will always buy you flowers and never think you are less than amazing. They’ll stay with you fat or thin, or crazy or sane.

You can even meet them today.

You can marry yourself.

Watch this short TEDx video of Tracy McMillian describing how she did it and what it brought her. She was the dating coach on Ready for Love and author of Why You Aren’t Married Yet.




How much more relaxed would you be dating if you already knew someone loved you for the rest of your life - truly unconditionally?

It probably will hurt a lot less if things don’t work out. It probably would hurt a lot less when you are having relationship problems. I don't think I'll be as panicky when I feel rejected or forgotten.


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