Researcher + Advice Lover

I used to pride myself in being extremely logical and practical. I had plenty to say about everyone else's love life and swore I would never be so silly.

Then it hit me - love, chemistry, infatuation...but with an allusive unavailable man. My twin flame.

I was completely confused. Men all of a sudden made no sense, my head and my heart were in an all out war, and all logic went out the window.

A researcher by formal education, I got right on it. Checked out every book in the library and read every article online.  Late night google searches gave me clarity and comfort, yet still left me a bit lost. 

I realized that no expert or blog had it all right. But they each had lots of good nuggets of advice to offer. So here I tried to compile all my favorite advice- from horoscopes to legit researchers.

My goal is to save you time and heartache as you go through this never ending process of loving yourself and the other half of the human species. 

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