How to be the perfect girlfriend .. What do men really want?

What do men really want from women? 

What does a good wife do? 

Most of us learned from our mother's that we have to earn our keep, be a good wife, always give, constantly do for others, make or buy gifts for guys, keep a clean house, stay thin, or always give him and her family what they want at the sacrifice of her needs. 

But what do they really want us to give?

They want our admiration so they feel like our heros and the best guy around.

They want us to listen so they feel supported, heard, and understood.

They want our appreciation so they know what they are doing right only so they can give you more.

The number one reason men cheat is the feeling of not being appreciated. 

They want our vulnerable side so they feel trusted, open up themselves, and make you feel safe.

They want our respect so they can feel valued and trusted.

They want our emotions good and bad so they can feel safe enough to share theirs.

They want us to be relaxed so they can be playful and sensual with us.

They want us to need them so they can feel valued and important.

They want us to be a complete person so they don’t have to be responsible for our feelings

They want us to accept them as they are so they can feel loved.

They want our feminine energy so they can give their masculine energy.


The perfect gift for any guy… and it’s free.

What giving sounds like:

I need your help.

You are really great at ...

You are the best ….

You make me feel so special/beautiful/happy/warm

Thank you for thinking of me/doing that/coming here/picking that up/listening/driving/taking care of us

I feel scared/hurt/unsafe/sad

You are hilarious

I respect your choice to stay in

I trust you will do the best thing for us

I love your strong arms

Can you give me advice on..

Let me rub your back

**Notice how none of these involve giving physical gifts to a man, baking for him, driving him, paying for him, wearing his team colors, having a perfect body or outfit, or sexual favors.

Some of these come easier to us than others. Pick a harder one and try it out this week.

See if you can tell the difference in being in a relationship to give or to take. It’s much harder and you have to put on your big girl panties to do it. But it makes a huge difference in how you treat your partner and what you get in return is worth it.



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