How to text a guy...


Texting with guys has become an art in itself. Everyone has different texting styles, timing, and preferences. Plus texting guys is not like texting a friend. When texting a girl friend you text right back, you put lots of smileys and exclamation points, you text multiple texts, change the conversations, ask her deep, loaded questions, send her pics of your 1st grade picture, and text her at 3am to tell her something funny.

Basically don’t do that with guys, they don’t appreciate or value it like your bestie does. It doesn’t build attraction or make them want you more…

Here are some general tips on texting guys.

  • Build excitement and intrigue. Watch this video from professional pick up artist, Mehow, on how to text with a guy. 

From the ladies of The Rules and their new book.

  • don’t text right back
  • keep text short
  • always be the one to end the conversation
  • leave them curious or wanting more
  • don’t answer texts after midnight
  • no sexting 
  • How long do I wait to reply to a text? 4 hours say the Rules.

From Anderson Cooper

  • send one text and wait for a reply 
  • set some boundaries on what you use texting for – making logistical plans or flirting. Probably not best for defining a relationship or bringing up issues or problems.


Bonus social media tips:

  • Don’t follow them first on facebook, twitter, Instagram.
  • Don’t mention you've looked at their profiles or googled them. 


Have any good texting tips? Any other texting questions?