Should I break up with my boyfriend? How to tell when it’s time to break it off.

Is he the wrong guy for me?

Do I just like the idea of him?

I love the Daily Shot with Ali Wentworth. She is comedian/randomly famous lady who does short interviews with celebrities, gurus, stylist, etc. I follow her on Facebook so I don’t miss any of her daily videos. She frequently does relationship advice based interviews. 

The other day her guest talked about how to know if you are just dating a guy to date a guy or you are with him because you really do love and care about him. I haven’t read Holly Peterson’s book, The Idea of Him, a Novel, but I love this interview with her.


The main point of the video is..

"I think the central question is, 'Would you rather do something … with this person or with your gay best friend?'" Holly says.